About Me

I've been drawn to the Settle to Carlisle Railway since I was around 2 years old. My Father was a fan of steam and many family days out to the Yorkshire Dales during the late 1970s coincided with the return of steam specials to the route. In the family album there's a picture of me sat on a dry stone wall between Hellifield and Settle waiting for Sir Nigel Gresley to appear. As a lad much free time was spent, walking, cycling and fishing with friends in the West Pennine Moors around Bolton and I developed a love and respect for this bleak terrain.

Having been born and raised in Lancashire I moved south to study at University. Following a long spell living and working in the south of England a change of job brought with it the opportunity to move back to the north and put down some roots in a tranquil corner of Cumbria. We ended up moving to a remote location very near another famous railway route - North Stainmore, opposite Bleath Gill where the famous snow drift once trapped a train for days on the NER Stainmore route over the Pennines.

Now, living in house with a distant view of the S&C, the most incredible photographic locations are on my doorstep. I can be at Smardale in less than 15 mins and Mallerstang in around 20. As you can imagine this makes railway photography on the S&C that bit easier and when time allows and weather permits I can make the most of living so close to one of the most attractive railway routes in the world.

I hope that visitors get as much enjoyment from my shots as I get from taking them!

All the best and see you at the lineside...

John (and Patch!)